Comodo SSL - Secure Certificate

Comodo's popular fully business validated HTTPS certificate provides the necessary SSL encryption and visual assurance for conducting business online.

What this Certificate is used for?

For any organization concerned with providing futureproof security and instant trust with their visitors and customers, Comodo offers their most popular business validated SSL certificate, InstantSSL. InstantSSL is the professional solution for securing your web server. The most affordable and inclusive SSL of its kind, InstantSSL is 2048-bit ready. The TrustLogo implements all of Comodo's patent-pending technologies to invite visitors to interact and validate identity, further establishing trust. InstantSSL certificates give visitors the gold padlock and freedom from security warnings while over secure HTTPS connection on your site. With the help of the Comodo TrustLogo, your visitors know that they are interacting with a secure and authentic domain even when they are not in HTTPS session. Employing strong encryption for a secure HTTPS connection and providing your customers the necessary visual assurance they need with a Comodo branded TrustLogo, you can help improve conversion rates and maintain your reputation as a secure e-commerce merchant.

What is a secure server certificate and what does it do?

A secure server certificate (also called cert) resides on a web server. Combined with the security components built into the web server and the visitor's browser, the secure server certificate provides the following functions for secure e-commerce transactions:

    * Confirmation to a visitor's browser that the company represented by the current domain being visited ( is, in fact, the company listed in the certificate. This prevents someone from just setting up a web site and claiming they are your company and accepting payments from visitors.

    * Sends all confidential information (such as credit card information) from the visitor's browser to the web server in a secure mode using encryption technology that prevents this information from being easily intercepted and used. This prevents someone from obtaining the confidential information during the transmission to the web server.

    * Adds a level of trust between the visitor and you by assuring them that the transfer of information will be encrypted and secure.

The first two functions are performed automatically by the web server and browser without any intervention required by the user.

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