Hip Urban Green (HUG) is an online retailer created by a husband and wife team devoted to sharing their passion for the environment through offering unique, eco-modern designs from around the world. HUG philosophy is to make eco-friendliness an art of living and giving. 

Taking inspiration from our multi-cultural, French, African/Portuguese, and North American heritage and combining our professional experiences in environmental law and humanitarian relief, and our passion for art and traveling, we have selected objects that embrace modern living in a sustainable, fair-trade and eco-friendly way. 

HUG strives to offer an ever-expanding mix of original products from innovative, contemporary artists and designers that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. While exploring our website, you will discover home-ware, office accessories, practical decorative art pieces, as well as gourmet eco products, personal care items and eclectic lifestyle goods. 

All of the items we carry are hand-made and/or, environmentally sound and help push forward the goal of achieving a greener planet by including eco-friendly materials and modern craftsmanship to better our living now and foster a greener future. That is why we say:

 “HUG the Future, Give a Green Present”

Give the gift of green by browsing through our eclectic range of stylish eco-friendly products

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy browsing through our website!

Innocentia & Jonathan

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